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Reimagining the STEM Education Ecosystem

The Arizona STEM Acceleration Project (ASAP) is a new initiative transforming how Arizona’s K-12 educators deliver high-quality, hands-on STEM activities to our state’s future leaders.

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About ASAP

ASAP is a grassroots effort to enhance and accelerate STEM activities in schools across Arizona. It provides vital funding and guidance to schools and professional development organizations, increasing their ability to foster engagement, update curricula, and acquire materials needed to improve STEM education for Arizona’s youth and young adults.

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Attend the ASAP STEM Exchange Conference

As we wrap up the second year of ASAP, we're hosting a conference for all our fellows to network and share with each other their experiences as an ASAP fellow and as a teacher.

Visit the conference website and register today!

ASAP STEM Exchange

About Our Fellows

ASAP fellows are located across Arizona and are leading the way in STEM education. They have access to a broad range of professional development opportunities and receive a stipend for their participation.

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Professional Development Events

ASAP’s network of professional development organizations offers opportunities for K-12 educators to expand their STEM programming. Events and workshops designed to meet and exceed the latest Arizona Science Standards equip teachers with innovative learning and classroom strategies that enrich the STEM experience for all grade levels.

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STEM Lesson Plans

Our online library of teacher-sourced STEM lesson plans provides one-stop access for K-12 educators.

Our Partners

Our professional development and funding partners are advancing STEM education throughout Arizona, connecting directly with teachers and expanding their reach.

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