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Arizona STEM Acceleration Project (ASAP) is a new initiative transforming how Arizona’s K-12 educators deliver high-quality, hands-on STEM activities to our state’s future leaders. 

 What is ASAP? 

ASAP is a program designed to provide vital funding and guidance to schools and professional development organizations, enhancing their ability to foster engagement, update curricula and acquire materials needed to improve STEM education for Arizona’s students.

ASAP is a grass roots effort to enhance and accelerate STEM activities statewide in AZ schools. This project is teaming up with educators, professional development organizations and funding partners to build a more collaborative, more imaginative foundation for the development and distribution of STEM resources and training opportunities for educators throughout Arizona.

Our priority application deadline for 2022-2023 fellows has now passed. If you would still like to be considered to be a STEM fellow, please email:

 For Educators 

The strength of our Arizona STEM Education ecosystem relies on the ability of our educators to dream big, set goals and ultimately achieve them. 

ASAP is designed to support educators looking to accelerate activities, enrich lessons, and provide materials for students.

Key benefits for educators include:

  • Funding for Classroom STEM Acceleration
  • A Community of Support
  • Professional Development Opportunities
  • Access to STEM Curriculum and Lesson Materials
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 For Professional 

With your help, we can advance improvements in STEM education, cultivate a strong STEM workforce and build sustainable futures throughout Arizona.

If you represent an Arizona organization that can provide professional development services to K-12 STEM educators in the state, we want to hear from you.



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 Who We Are 

ASAP is a collaboration between the Center for Science and the Imagination and the Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College.

Ruth Wylie

Assistant Director
Center for Science and the Imagination
Associate Research Professor
Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College

Convergence Lead, co-PI
Arizona STEM Acceleration Project

Mike Vargas

Amanda Whitehurst

Convergence Lead, co-PI
Arizona STEM Acceleration Project

Shahla Naraghi

Program Coordinator
Arizona STEM Acceleration Project


Arizona STEM Acceleration Project (ASAP)

 STEM Education 




Rachna Mathur

Doctoral Student
Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College

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Jonathan Perrone

STEM Content Specialist

 Key Program Dates 

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